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    starters-dinner-menu-texas-steakhouse-and-saloon Appetizer Trio The best of everything! Plenty of Campfire Fries, Blossom Petals and our Boneless Chipotle Buffalo Wings. $10.99 Mucho Grande Nachos Crisp tortilla chips topped with chili, queso, Cheddar Jack cheese, sliced jalapeños, lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole. 9.49 Pit-cooked Smoked Brisket Nachos $11.99 NEW! Dip Trio Queso, guacamole and fresh salsa served with crisp tortilla chips. $8.99 Fried Pickles Dill pickle spears breaded and fried. Served with Ranch dressing. $5.49 Campfire Cheese Fries Seasoned fries topped with Cheddar Jack cheese, crisp bacon and green onions. Served with our signature Jalapeño Ranch dressing. $7.99 Topped with Texas Chili $8.99 Blossom Petals Crisp onion petals served with our tangy dipping sauce. Full Order $6.99 | Half Order $4.99 Pepper Jack Bites Pepper Jack cheese breaded and fried. Served with homemade Ranch dressing. $6.99 Queso & Chips Small $5.49 | Large $7.99 - Add Texas Chili for $1 more NEW! Grilled Chicken Wings Char-grilled chicken wings, coated with Chipotle Buffalo Sauce. Served with Bleu Cheese or BBQ sauce and celery. 8 Wings $8.99 | 12 Wings $11.99

  • soups-salads-dinner-menu-texas-steakhouse-and-saloon
    All salads are made to order with fresh greens, crisp lettuce and tender, ripe vegetables. From light and refreshing to rich and filling, our salad selections make the perfect meal.

    Harvest Salad
    Mixed greens with seasonal fruit, strawberries, craisins, raisins, and honey glazed pecans tossed in our Poppy Seed Dressing. 9.49 | Half order 6.49
    Add Grilled Chicken, Texas Chicken Strips, Blackened Grilled Shrimp or Crunchy Fried Shrimp for only $4.

    Texas Signature Salad
    Fresh mixed greens topped with tomatoes, red onion, Cheddar Jack cheese and croutons.
    Plus, your choice of grilled chicken, chicken strips or grilled salmon*. 10.49
    Without chicken or salmon 5.99

    Steakhouse Salad*
    Grilled steak served on a bed of fresh garden greens with bleu cheese crumbles, Blossom Petals, tomatoes, and croutons. 10.99

    Texas Chicken Caesar
    Crisp romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing with Parmesan cheese and croutons. Topped with your choice of grilled chicken or chicken strips. 9.49

    Loaded Potato Soup
    Cup 3.99 | Bowl 4.99

    Texas Chili
    Cup 4.29 | Bowl 5.29

    Side Salads
    Choose from house or Caesar. 3.99

  • chicken-dinner-menu-texas-steakhouse-and-saloon
    Add a Side Salad or cup of Loaded Potato Soup 3.39

    Lemon Herb Chicken
    Two lightly seasoned grilled chicken breasts drizzled with lemon butter sauce and served with rice pilaf and one Side Kick. 11.49

    Grilled Chicken Breast
    Grilled chicken breasts served BBQ, blackened or simply grilled. Served rice pilaf and one Side Kick. 11.49

    Super Cheezy Chicken
    Two chicken breasts brushed with BBQ sauce and topped with Cheddar Jack cheese and crisp bacon bits. Served with rice pilaf and one Side Kick. 11.99

    Rodeo Chicken
    Grilled chicken smothered with melted Cheddar Jack cheese, sautéed mushrooms and crisp bacon. Served with rice pilaf and one Side Kick. 12.99

    Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders
    Hand breaded buttermilk crisp chicken tenders served with honey mustard sauce and your choice of one Side Kick. 10.99

  • steaks-dinner-menu-texas-steakhouse-and-saloon
    All of our steaks are USDA Choice cuts, perfectly seasoned and cooked to order. Served with your choice of two Side Kicks or one Side Kick and a Side Salad or cup of Loaded Potato Soup.

    Marshal Dillon Ribeye*
    A 12 oz. USDA Choice ribeye marinated in spicy citrus juices. $20.49

    Hand-cut Ribeyes*
    The steak lover’s steak! USDA Choice beef that is well marbled and full of flavor. 8 oz. $15.99 | 12 oz. $19.99 | 16 oz. $23.49

    Texas Surf & Turf*
    Our tender 6 oz. USDA Choice grilled sirloin paired with your choice of grilled, fried or blackened shrimp or crab cake. $19.99

    NY Strip Steak*
    USDA Choice hand-cut NY strip steak cooked to order.
    8 oz. $14.99 | 12 oz. $18.49 | 16 oz. $21.99

    Texas Sirloin*
    USDA Choice top sirloin seasoned and grilled to perfection.
    6 oz. $11.29 | 8 oz. $14.29   | 12 oz. $18.29

    Filet Mignon*
    One of the most tender hand cut steaks; juicy and flavorful.
    6 oz. $19.49 | 8 oz. $21.49

    Steak Tips*
    The most tender steak cut into tips. Served with choice of mushroom gravy or peppers and onions to create a Texas favorite.. $13.49

    Steak Toppers $1.99 each

    • Sautéed Mushrooms
    • Grilled Onions
    • Sautéed Onions & Green Peppers

    Steak Additions $5.99 each

    • Baby Back Ribs
    • Grilled Shrimp
    • Crab Cake
    • Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders

  • seafood-dinner-menu-texas-steakhouse-and-saloon
    Whether we fry, blacken or pan-sauté it, our seafood meets the same high standards that apply to our steaks. Enjoy!
    Add a Side Salad or cup of Loaded Potato Soup 3.39

    Pick-a-Pair Seafood Combo
    Pick two: Crab Cake, Crunchy Fried Shrimp, Grilled Shrimp, Catfish Fingers or Blackened Tilapia. Served with rice pilaf and one Side Kick. $15.99

    Sweetwater Salmon*
    A grilled salmon fillet drizzled with lemon butter or sweet bourbon sauce. Served with rice pilaf and one Side Kick. $14.99

    Fried or Blackened Tilapia
    Crispy deep fried or blackened tilapia served with rice pilaf and one Side Kick. $12.99

    NEW! Fried Catfish Fingers
    Served with fries, tartar sauce and choice of one Side Kick. $9.99

    Crunchy Fried Shrimp
    Our hand-breaded shrimp fried light and crunchy. Served with homemade cocktail sauce and one Side Kick. $11.49

    Crab Cakes
    Two plump crab cakes served with Creole Chili Pepper sauce, rice pilaf and one Side Kick. $17.49

    Grilled Shrimp
    Tender grilled shrimp blackened, BBQ or simply grilled. Served with rice pilaf and one Side Kick. $14.49

  • texas-favorites-menu-texas-steakhouse-and-saloon
    Add a Side Salad or cup of Loaded Potato Soup 3.39

    Texas Two Step
    Create your own combo by choosing two different entrées. Served with two Side Kicks.
    Choose from: Baby Back Ribs, Grilled Shrimp Skewers, 6oz. Texas Sirloin*, Crab Cake, Salmon*, Texas Chicken Tenders, Fried Shrimp or Grilled Chicken Breast. $19.49

    Iron Skillets
    A cast iron skillet filled with sautéed mushrooms, red bliss potatoes, green and red peppers, onions and tomatoes. Choose from flame-grilled chicken, steak or our Texas Skillet with chicken, steak and blackened shrimp.
    Chicken $13.99 | Steak* $15.49 | Texas $17.49

    NEW! Smoked Beef Brisket
    Half pound of pit-cooked smoked beef brisket from Brookwood Farms in North Carolina. Served with your choice of two Side Kicks. $14.99

    Fall Off the Bone Baby Back Ribs
    Fall off the bone baby back ribs served with seasoned fries and choice of one Side Kick.
    Half Rack $15.99 | Full Rack $19.99

    Taste of Texas
    Baby Back Ribs, Crunchy Fried Shrimp and Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders served with seasoned fries. $14.99

  • steakhouse-burgers-dinner-menu-texas-steakhouse-and-saloon
    Our premium USDA Choice burgers are a special blend of brisket, rib meat and chuck. Served with seasoned fries.

    Steakhouse Burger*
    Our classic steakhouse burger served on a toasted bun with your choice of American, Cheddar, Swiss or Pepper Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and our burger sauce. 9.29

    Bacon Bleu Burger*
    A thick burger topped with crumbled bleu cheese, crisp bacon, fried onion ring, lettuce, tomato and burger sauce. Served on a toasted bun. 10.29

    All American Burger*
    A double burger with bacon, American cheese, fried onion rings, lettuce, tomato, pickles and our burger sauce. Served on a toasted bun. 9.79

    Jalapeño Bacon Burger*
    A thick burger topped with Pepper Jack cheese, crisp bacon and jalapeños with a tangy jalapeño-ranch shredded lettuce. Served on a toasted bun. 10.29

    Texas Sliders*
    A classic trio of mini-burgers topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and special burger sauce. Served on our famous yeast rolls. 9.29

  • sandwiches-dinner-menu-texas-steakhouse-and-saloon
    Served with seasoned fries.

    Ribeye Sandwich*
    A 6 oz. hand-cut ribeye served on sourdough bread with horseradish sauce. 10.99

    Turkey Bacon Club
    Roasted turkey layered between toasted sourdough bread with mayo, sliced tomato, lettuce and crisp bacon. 10.29

    Just The Chicken Sandwich
    A seasoned grilled chicken breast topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and Chipotle Ranch sauce. 8.29 Add bacon for $1.

    Super Chicken Club
    Layered buttermilk hand-breaded chicken strips regular or with chipotle sauce, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and Chipotle Ranch sauce. 8.79

  • desserts-menu-texas-steakhouse-and-saloon

    Texas Hershey's Brownie
    A delicious, warm brownie topped with a melted Hershey’s chocolate bar and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 4.99

    Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie
    Fresh baked chocolate chip cookie served warm in a skillet and topped with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate syrup drizzle. 5.99

  • side-kicks-dinner-menu-texas-steakhouse-and-saloon

    Mashed Potatoes

    Sautéed Mushrooms

    Seasoned Asparagus

    Mac n' Cheese

    Rice Pilaf

    Seasoned Fries

    NEW! Sweet Potato Fries

    Garden Herb Vegetables

    Baked Potato with Butter & Sour Cream

    Sweet Potato, NC Grown with Cinnamon Sugar & Butter

    Seasonal Fruit

  • premium-side-kicks-menu-texas-steakhouse-and-saloon
    Add 1.00

    Loaded Fries
    Topped with Cheddar Jack cheese and bacon bits.

    Loaded Sweet Potato
    Topped with cinnamon sugar, butter and toasted marshmallows.

    Loaded Mashed Potatoes
    Topped with Cheddar Jack cheese, bacon bits and chives.

    Loaded Baked Potato
    Topped with Cheddar Jack cheese, bacon bits and chives.

    Side Salad

    Cup of Soup

  • teas-menu-texas-steakhouse-and-saloon

    Flavored Teas & Lemonades
    Blackberry | Peach | Strawberry | Raspberry
    Add 99¢ - 2nd glass free

    Texas Teas - $4
    Long Island Tea | Long Beach Tea | Long Peach Tea

    Fresh Brewed Iced Tea
    Free refills.

  • starters-dinner-menu-texas-steakhouse-and-saloon
    Children 12 & under.
    Meal includes entrée, choice of one side item and a kids drink.

    Kids Beverages
    Soda, Juice or Milk included with meal.

    Cowboy Cooler
    A good old fashioned Shirley Temple. $.99

    Kids Entrees

    Chicken Tenders - $4.99

    Mac and Cheese - $4.99

    Steak Bites - $6.99

    Cheeseburger - $4.99

    Corn Dog - $3.99

    French Fries, Vegetables, Fruit, Mashed Potatoes & Mac and Cheese

    Kids Desserts
    Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream - $.99

    Kids Sundae - $1.99